We Are Onyx Box Review

Adebukola Ajao
3 min readMay 5, 2017
Courtesy of Onyx Box Team

We Are Onyx sent me their April ONYXBOX for review and I’ve got all the scoop for YOU!!

The Box

April’s subscription came in a royal blue box bursting with purple confetti. It was at this point that I knew it was going to be LIT! 🎉

The Products

Erin’s Faces — Rose Quench Serum

Ofra Cosmetics — Sapphire Eye Pencil

Herb’N Eden- Activated Charcoal Bar

Créme of Nature — Argan Oil Perfect Edges and Mini Brush


First off, I love the natural cut of Herb N’ Eden’s charcoal soap. It doesn’t dissolve as easily as name brand soaps which is a plus because it lasts longer. As a non-makeup wearer receiving more skin and hair enhancement products over makeup products was AMAZING! I ended up putting the blue eyeliner in a gift bag for a friend’s birthday. I was not necessarily fond of the drugstore “Creme of Nature” Edge Control item. Some if its ingredients are not healthy for natural hair and certainly not the best product for my hair. My main feedback is to find and partner with the many Black-owned hair care brands that are not well-known but provide healthier options. PROTECT YO’ EDGES! I did, however, enjoy the edge control brush. It’s literally an ideal size and I loved the wood design.

The product I am excited about most is The Rose Quench Serum. Its valued at $60 and April’s subscribers got the full size! That’s a major deal considering the $25 value of Onyx Box. I just wished the social media or website of each product was included in the item list as it was hard to find the serum online.

All in all, I admire the message that Onyx Box sends to BLACK girls. YES, Black with no WHITE strings attached. Onyx Box Marketing Director recently told me, “The exploitation of black consumers and the total disregard and disrespect for us as an audience is one of the reasons our founder wanted to push forward with this box 3 years ago!”

This box is OF the Black girl, BY the Black girl, and FOR her too! If you’re looking to encapsulate yourself with #BlackGirlMagic every month, this box is clearly for you!


Act fast! New customers who sign up with the code “EARLYBIRD” get a free $35 Doucce eyeshadow palette as a gift with purchase! The palette was designed and curated specifically for the ONYXBOX so all the colors are amazing on Black girls (no weird low pigment dusty shades of mint green here!). 💃🏾

We Are Onyx just launched ONYXSHOP full scale and are adding more and more products to be available for purchase on their own. Black girls can now find to find skincare and hair products that are high quality and made for them, without having to commit to a full subscription.

Courtesy of Onyx Box Team

Visit their website for more details! https://shop.weareonyx.com/